Mitsubishi Electric is a market leader in providing solutions to cool, heat, ventilate and control our buildings.

As a major manufacturer of some of these pivotal technologies, we hold Ireland’s energy challenges close to our heart. We want to help the nation achieve its climate goals; we want to help individuals and businesses reduce the energy consumption of their buildings, whilst also helping to reduce their annual running costs.

In Ireland for over 35 years, with many of those years spent at the forefront of the air conditioning industry, we have led the way in the use of innovative, energy efficient, heat pump technology. Mitsubishi Electric has evolved, and today our areas of expertise go way beyond advanced air conditioning systems that formed the foundation of our business. Here in Ireland we provide advanced solutions that cool, heat, ventilate and control buildings in the most energy efficient and cost effective ways possible. With performance and efficiency central to our business, we are leading the way to a more sustainable future through high performance products and controls that maximise comfort, minimise cost and reduce carbon emissions. Through our technical expertise, long experience and innovative product range, we enable buildings everywhere to significantly improve energy efficiency, reduce running costs and adhere to increasingly tough legislation.

At Mitsubishi Electric we believe we can truly make a world of difference.


Unrivalled Product Range

More and more people are experiencing the benefits of comfortable working, living and leisure environments made possible with air conditioning. As market leaders, we pride ourselves in providing high performance and competitive systems with low running costs and emissions. Our versatile product range is driven by the latest technology and designed specifically with our customers in mind.

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It’s time to talk Hybrid VRF

Today’s buildings face tough legislation which means that traditional HVAC technologies may not always be the best solution. If only there was a way of combining the best elements of VRF technology and Chiller systems to offer even more choice. This is where the Hybrid VRF system can make a real difference – by offering a truly integrated solution both now and into the future.

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The Time has come for R32

It’s time to enjoy energy savings and great new product features.

It’s time for your air conditioning to help meet EU carbon emissions targets.

It’s time to put R32 refrigerant at the heart of your conversations and plans moving forwards, with the market leading range of R32 products from Mitsubishi Electric.

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