Introducing the world’s first Hybrid VRF system.


Hybrid VRF is the latest addition to our City Multi family (our VRF range of air conditioning units for large scale applications). Built and assembled in the same factory as our VRF units thereby carrying its distinctive DNA in terms of technology,

efficiency and reliability. Put simply, Hybrid VRF is a 2-pipe heat recovery VRF with water between the Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) and indoor units. You can install and design it as VRF whilst enjoying the features of a Chiller system.

Providing a complete modern solution for office buildings, hotels, medical centres, schools, high rise buildings, shopping centres and other commercial premises.


Hybrid VRF is quick, easy & flexible to design and install using the same control and network as VRF systems. Furthermore the decentralised system means phased installation is possible with the same high levels of seasonal efficiency expected with VRF.

With water at the indoor units, Hybrid VRF provides comfortable and stable air temperature control with no refrigerant in occupied spaces, meaning simple compliance to BS EN378 and removing the need for leak detection.


Learn more about Mitsubishi Electric’s new Hybrid VRF System or download our HVRF Brochure here.