The future of Variable Speed Drives in the water Industry The challenges facing the water industry include climate change, rising energy costs, tightening legislation, population growth and increasing usage per head. The use of automated systems in order to make pumps and processed work more efficiently is helping keep pace with these demands; however, what […]

New Robot Safety Offer Mitsubishi Electric has developed a new optional Safety Solution “MELFA Safeplus” for its F Series industrial robots. The new technology limits the speed, range of movement or torque of the robot when safety sensors are activated, allowing operations to work in close proximity to a moving robot. Read more here Image […]

Mitsubishi Electric Honours Distributor of the Year This year’s Mitsubishi Electric Distributor of the Year Award, which honours the best performing distributor, was awarded to Ashdale Engineering Ltd… Download Press Release [Image source: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Irish Branch]