Jet Towel


With over a 90% reduction in energy, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel hand dryer is one of the most energy efficient electric hand dryers on the market. he motor’s power consumption is only 550W; a fraction of that of a traditional hand dryer and barely half that of similar systems. This provides an incredible environmental benefit, saving up to 80% of the energy and reducing 50% of the CO2 emissions.
The Jet Towel forces the water off your hands similar to a squeegee pushing water off a window as it is pulled across the pane. The Jet Towel creates a quick and hygienic experience for users with no more rubbing your hands on trousers nor anymore queues for the hand dryer.
The Jet Towel has nothing to refill or replace (unlike paper or cloth towel dispensers) and no waste paper to pile up or dispose of. This will give a clean, tidy and professional feel to your bathroom. The hand-drying area is made of alcohol-resistant resin, enabling cleaning using standard alcohol-based products. Also with antimicrobial treatment on areas that come into contact with water (hand-drying area, drain tank and drain hose), the unit itself is designed for ultimate hygiene and cleanliness.

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